Charter Flight Destinations

Chartering a private jet for business or personal trip is one of the most convenient and enjoyable way of traveling. One of the convenience of it is saving average of 4 hours from per charter flight compare to commercial travel flights and having wide range of airport selections to be close to the city you need to be.

Your options become endless when it comes to traveling with a private jet that gets reserved for you by PCA.

Whether you’re flying to Miami for an special event, to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway or to New York City for a business meeting, PCA will get you there safe and sound as we serve over 500 cities across the United States.

View the list of aircrafts and popular destinations we provide air charter services to.

Top 5 Charter Flight Destinations in US

  • New York: New York City is “The City that Never Sleeps” and has been the most traveled destination in the U.S. for more then a decade. People come to New York from all over the world for business, vacation, sightseeing and many more. PCA has been the to-go source for many travelers who want to charter a jet to New York.

  • Las Vegas: Las Vegas is the next top traveled destination in US where more then 26% of visitors charter private jet to Vegas. This town is the ultimate vacation destination for anyone 21 and over tat can gamble, enjoy the night life, spend the day at the hotel spa and more. This place feels like right next door to home.

  • Los Angeles: Los Angeles is the Home of Hollywood that draws visitors from around the world. LA was named the world’s eighth most economically powerful city in 2008. Walking through the streets of “The City of Angels” will make you feel like a star when you have access to private jet charter service in Los Angeles.

  • Atlanta: Atlanta is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. Soon as you enter the city, you will enjoy the city lights as it has attracted so many travelers all over the world who charter private jet to Atlanta.

  • Miami: As an international travel hub and vacation spot for the rich and famous, we see variety of visitors from all over the world charter flights to Miami. One of the most stylish way of visiting Miami…