Empty Leg Charter Flights

An empty leg charter flights are the unsold segments on a private jet.  For example, a private jet is chartered one-way from Los Angeles to New York and then the plane must be repositioned to Chicago for its next chartered job.  The segment from New York to Chicago is known as an “empty leg” as there is no paying customer on the flight.

These empty leg private jets are offered at a steep discount rates of up to 50% off the normal jet charter prices, and it even helps the environment by reducing carbon emissions into the air.

PCA offers large selections of empty leg private jet flights nation wide.

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Below is a sampling off empty leg flights and their price.

Above are only a sampling of one way Empty Legs available with selected aircrafts and operators. Call to locate one-way Empty Leg charter flight for you 1-888-994-9414

Prices listed above are all-inclusive except tax.