Important Charter Jet Safety Information

The FAA controls and regulates all flights in United States airspace, regardless of whether they stem from a commercial airline or are private aircraft. The FAA has very detailed regulatory measures for private charter flights, subjecting aircraft to stringent and frequent safety inspections, comparable to what you’d experience with a commercial airline.

Private charter crews are also regulated and restricted by the FAA, and are required to meet a number of pre-requisites in terms of training, simulator and actual flight hours before they can be hired to fly private jets.

WYVERN Safety Standard(TM) Certified Partner

wyvernPrivate Charter Airways is Authorized Broker of the WYVERN Safety Standard(TM) program.

WYVERN is an elite advisory board in the private charter safety industry that sets safety standards that exceed government regulatory oversight in the private jet and charter industries.

In existence for over 20 years, WYVERN’s board consists of aviation professionals from fortune 100 companies who have set stringent safety standards and consult their partnered brokers on safety measures that ensure private jets and pilots are in compliance.

WYVERN sets safety standards for pilots like minimum number of flight simulator and actual flight hours, fixed wing hours and multi-engine flight hours.

Additionally, WYVERN sets strict regulations for aircraft safety and inspection protocol and institutes regular audit programs that ensure all private aircraft companies and pilots used in private jet bookings are in strict compliance.

In over 20 years of service, not 1 fatality has ever occurred on a WYVERN-compliant aircraft or aircrew.

WYVERN PASS, Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey

WYVERN PassEvery flight dispatched by PCA must pass a WYVERN PASS (Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey) report, like the one below. A flight must pass a PASS report in order to fly any PCA passengers.

At PCA, your safety is of the utmost concern.  We do not dispatch or broker flights that fail to comply with WYVERN’s stringent safety programs or that don’t produce an official WYVERN PASS for their aircraft and crew.