Few Tips on Air Traveling

travelingAir travel is the fastest way of traveling.  However, preparing before and during a flight is the hardest thing for any traveler has to deal with.  Help prepare yourself to travel easier and maybe even enjoy the flight.

Pack Right

Packing your luggage right is one of the key things of traveling easily.  The type of luggage bag can affect your travels.  A soft-shelled bag can give you more leeway on stuffing more clothes and other items, but offer no protection on the harsh environment the bags may need to endure.  A hard-shelled bag can protect almost anything thrown in, but the only limited space is available.  For those who tend to check-in bags, buy a luggage case with an unusual design or color.  Tying a ribbon or putting on a sticker isn’t always going to stay on during the flight.

Instead of packing larger items – like a winter coat, into your luggage – carry it on with you; therefore more space is available for other important items for the trip.  Also, bring a spare bag or leave some space in case of bringing back home some souvenirs and other valuables.  Pack toiletries and other cleaning items to a minimal to save space.  Another reason is, these items can easily be bought cheaply at your destination and causes less headaches going through the security line trying to figure what is allowed and what isn’t.

Packing light in general are key to traveling, but trip is different.  A business trip may only require the typical suit and other work materials.  A vacation may require clothes for the night out.  Try to bring clothes that works on a number of occasions like have a nice pair of shoes that is comfortable to wear in the day, but also works at a nice restaurant.  Having a lot of clothes only leads to a more discomfort during travels; do you really want to “work out” with all the heavy luggage brought with you?  Or do you want to get to your destination as relaxed as possible?  Most – if not all – will choose the latter.

Also, check your bag thoroughly at the beginning and at the end of the packing process.  Sometimes a set of nail clippers from the last trip were left and forgotten or pair of scissors was left inside a make-up bag.  Security won’t be happy and neither will you when they tell you to take everything out and find and throw away the item in question.

Bring Some Comforts Onboard

There are a lot of things some people may need to just put up with – like babies and children on board – and some things people can avoid.  Noise is one example of something you can control.  Bring earplugs for a goodnight rest on those red-eye flights.  Want to watch those videos or play a game without putting the volume to ear-bleeding levels?  Bring a pair of noise-canceling or noise-reduction headphones.  Bring your own pillow or blanket instead of having to use (or even pay) for the airline’s own set and be warm and comfortable during the flight.

Snacking on board will also make flights a little more bearable.  All the food on an airline is not free and isn’t cheap either.  Bring healthy snacks such as carrot sticks or granola bars.  Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water during the flight.  Thankfully, the airline offers free drinks and the stewards/stewardesses usually do a great job on keeping you hydrated.

Afraid of getting sick?  Bring some disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer to keep yourself clean and free of germs.

Read a magazine or a book.  Get your phone, tablets or laptops fully charged to keep you busy from the insanity of sitting in a chair for a couple or more hours.  Plus, if you arrive to the airport early, you’ll be using these to occupy yourself waiting for the flight.  At most airports, wi-fi services are available (some may require you to pay) and there are more wi-fi services being provided onboard flights (again, they require some kind of paid subscription).

Know Your Way Around

Millions of people fly every day.  Some fly more frequently than others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little homework to make your flying experiences a little easier.  Know where to go in an airport and what to look for.  Some things are easier to find than others and it differs from airport to airport.  Want a place to eat before the flight?  Which way is the baggage claim?  How do I find the right terminal?  What is the easiest way to get out of the airport?  And the questions just keep rolling in, especially for new travelers.

Answer those questions yourself and do some research on how to find places and whatnot to make sure you have the smoothest flight transitions.  If you are transferring planes and don’t have much time to figure where things are.  Just ask!  Everyone is willing to help you as long as you are calm and patient.  Ask the flight crew before the airplane reached its destination.  Many flight crews know enough about most airports to help you get you on your way.

Getting Through the Security Gates

The dreaded security line.  There are many stories about security lines, it wants to make you shutter at the thought of being chosen to be “frisked” by an agent or miss your flight thanks to the long lines.  The only way of not missing a flight is to come to the airport early, usually an hour or more for domestic flights and two hours or more for international flights.

Make sure you don’t dress up for the airport security lines.  Dress light such as wearing flip flops instead of boots with long laces or wear anything that would set off the metal detector and forcing you walk back and forth and holding up the line.  Dress comfortably after the security checkpoint to ensure waiting less in line.  Also keeping all your valuables locked in a zip-locked bag or in a separate bag to have easy access before and after the security checkpoint.  Doing this not only let’s you breeze through the security line, but also helps everyone else to move faster as well.

These few tips can help make air travel less stressful for you and the other passengers.  The stresses that come along with flying are always high and many people are usually antsy and tensions run higher than normal.  Being one less annoyed traveler makes it easier for you and everyone else.

If none of this is helping, fly on a private plane and make the air travel a wondrous start and end to an incredible journey.