Why Charter A Jet?

So why charter a private jet? The truth is, the PCA customer is already well aware of the benefits of charter flights. The repeat PCA customer will never want to fly commercial airlines ever again.

Logistics create problems.  PCA gives travel-oriented businesses and the more refined personal traveler solutions they can’t get from commercial air.  Check out the video below for a demonstration of how much potential productivity is created flying charter as opposed to commercial mass transit in major city airports.

The Private Charter Difference

Get there faster.

You are no longer limited to a single destination in one day.  Attend both conferences.  Meet with clients in Dallas AND Miami in the same day. Close a deal on each coast and make it back to the Midwest in time for dinner.

Arrive in style.

The party starts at 30,000 feet. Take personal travel to whole new level.  Impress your entire party with in-flight luxury. Reward the family with an unforgettable vacation. Get treated like an executive…especially if you are one.

Open new business doors.

Never miss an opportunity to meet face to face. An account manager from a developing client in Hong Kong is in San Francisco until sundown.  Get there in time to take her out for lunch. Charter flights take you where commercial airlines just can’t.

Travel like an exec.

After all…you are one.  Get the best business charter service in the business with PCA. Take the executive team golfing at St. Andrews. Or take them to your beach house in the Hamptons after closing new accounts over breakfast in Los Angeles.

Get more out of vacations.

Say goodbye to half days of travel.  Chartering flights to Maui or Waikiki lets you spend more time with the people who deserve your time instead of spending it at baggage claim or with TSA reps in long security lines. Take the stress out of your vacation.

Truly fly first class.

Champagne, anyone? We’re not talking about a thin curtain, a fleece blanket, a wider seat and a bathroom to share with 23 people instead of 150. We’re not just talking about 1 complimentary beverage.  We’re talking the real, VIP experience.